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Alisha Haridasani Gupta

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We’re covering President Trump’s see to Tokyo, the European Parliament election results and a uncommon panda sighting.


Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister, at a press conference in Milan on Monday, after his conservative, anti-immigrant celebration clinched a frustrating bulk of the country’s seats in the European Parliament. Credit Miguel Medina/Agence France-Presse– Getty Images

The outcomes of the four-day election, which lots of saw as a referendum on the institution of Europe, have actually just produced more fragmentation and polarization, leaving the instructions of the bloc clouded in unpredictability

Populists and euroskeptics increased their seats in Parliament to 25 percent, up from 20 percent 5 years earlier, and are most likely to press more difficult on problems like migration and the European Union’s budget plan. However the populist parties might find it difficult to create alliances.

Takeaways: In Italy, Matteo Salvini’s anti-immigrant, populist League came in initially, with more than 34 percent of the vote. In France, the results recommended a tough time ahead for President Emmanuel Macron.

In Germany, the Social Democratic Celebration did badly, which may prompt the celebration to leave the existing union. And in Britain, estimates showed that the Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, was on course to take 31 percent of the vote. Here are more takeaways

On The Other Hand: Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria and his caretaker government were ousted from power in the wake of a covertly filmed video that revealed a celebration leader promising government agreements to a lady claiming to be a wealthy Russian in exchange for financial backing. New elections prepared for September might now be moved on.


President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan held a joint press conference at the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo on Monday. Credit Erin Schaff/The New York Times

President Trump brushed off North Korea’s recent short-range missile tests in a joint news conference with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan in Tokyo at the end of his four-day state go to, opposing both Mr. Abe and his own national security consultant.

On trade, another problem that towers above the U.S.-Japan relationship after Mr. Trump threatened car tariffs, Mr. Abe said the two sides were pursuing a bilateral “win-win” arrangement however didn’t provide details.

A first: Mr. Trump became the very first foreign leader to satisfy Naruhito, the country’s new emperor, and his spouse, Masako. The empress, a multilingual previous diplomat and Harvard graduate, took the spotlight

If the French carmaker consents to merge with Fiat Chrysler, it would produce the world’s third-largest automobile business and substantially change the global balance of power in the industry.

Fiat’s proposition, which would offer each company a 50 percent stake, is intended at improving their possibilities of making it through amidst the costly shift to electric and self-driving cars and trucks.

Problems: The combination might destabilize Renault’s long time alliance with Nissan, which is already bothered. Legislators in France and Italy might also put up a fight to preserve jobs. And Renault’s powerful CGT union knocked the strategy.

What’s next? The Renault-Nissan board is expected to satisfy Wednesday in Tokyo, where the merger plans are most likely to be gone over.

Reaction: Investors cheered the proposal, with both Renault and Fiat shares rising sharply on Monday.

In recent weeks, Pakistan has been rocked by charges that at least 150 women were given China under the false pretense of marital relationship and rather pushed into prostitution or made to work in bars and clubs.

Detectives have punished brokers stated to have actually set up the marriages, detaining two lots Chinese residents and a number of Pakistanis and charging them with human trafficking. In other cases, Chinese males forged documents to reveal prospective brides they were Muslim.

Context: The claims are a disturbing element of China’s growing existence in Pakistan, particularly with Beijing’s ambitious Belt and Road infrastructure job expanding into the country.

In addition, China has among the world’s most manipulated gender ratios, with 106.3 males for every single 100 women as of 2017– an imbalance produced by the country’s one-child policy, which ended in 2015, and a choice for young boys. Now that those boys have actually reached marital relationship age, the demand for foreign bride-to-bes has increased.


Credit Xyza Cruz Bacani for The New York Times

Six days a week, domestic workers in Hong Kong normally prepare, clean and take care of their companies’ kids, with little time left on their own.

However for a growing number of maids, trail-running provides an escape They train in their minimal time off– at the break of day or late at night– and race against residents and expatriates, turning the sport into an unlikely equalizer in between companies and maids.

” On weekdays, individuals state, ‘Oh, you’re a domestic helper,'” one housemaid said. “On weekends, on the routes, they say, ‘Oh, you’re a good runner.'”

Mount Everest: This climbing season has actually been one of the most dangerous, with a minimum of 10 deaths so far, in part since of unskilled, and even unfit, mountaineers who crowd the perilous paths.

Huawei: The effect of the Trump administration’s restriction, the newest move versus the Chinese innovation company, will be felt acutely in rural America, where wireless providers depend on Huawei’s cheaper items.

Nike: After criticism of how the brand name penalized its sponsored athletes who ended up being pregnant, very first revealed by The Times’s viewpoint department, the business committed to waive performance-pay reductions for those who decide to have a baby.

Ireland: The nation overwhelmingly voted to reduce constraints on divorce, which was legalized in 1995 however with strict conditions, in a relocation that continued Ireland’s shift to the left on social issues.

Germany: The country’s top anti-Semitism official suggested that Jews were not safe wearing traditional skullcaps everywhere in public in the middle of concerns over increasing anti-Jewish crimes

Is that a U.F.O.? After U.S. Navy pilots reported seeing unidentifiable flying things from 2014 to 2015 over the East Coast, the Navy this year sent out brand-new classified guidelines on how to report sightings. Nobody in the Defense Department is saying that the things are extraterrestrial, though.


Credit Wolong National Nature Reserve


Credit Romulo Yanes for The New York Times


The new 100- euro bank note. Credit Toms Kalnins/EPA, via Shutterstock

The latest costs have additional security features, just a few of which the European Central Bank has divulged.

For one, a hologram shows a portrait of Europa along with little EUR symbols that move and become clearer under direct light. (In Greek folklore, Europa was a nymph seduced by Zeus posing as a white bull. Her image was taken from a vase in the Louvre.)

There may be other functions– like infrared watermarks– legible only by machines.

The 200- euro note is now the largest euro denomination.

The 500- euro bill stopped being printed by the main bank in 2016, after research linked its use to cash laundering, tax evasion and terrorism financing. Often called the “Bin Laden,” it was eliminated from circulation last month.

That’s it for this rundown. See you next time.

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