This 1997 Acura Integra Type R Technical Guide Is Packed With Cool Drawings and Information

Inspect out this remarkable 37- page technical guide complete of details on the 1997 Acura Integra Type R, one of our generation’s most celebrated sport compact cars and trucks.

The 1997 Acura Integra Type R Technical Details Guide, which can be discovered among a host of other interesting and even more specific ITR docs at, is someplace in between a service manual and a sales brochure.

You don’t typically see vehicle documents that are this reader-friendly and at the same time info-dense, which is why I believed it was especially cool. I’m always on the hunt for things like this, as regular readers will understand, and of course I assure to share similar gems about other cool cars when I encounter them.

This doc doesn’t explain repair work treatments or feature glossy photos of smiling people filling luggage into an Acura, however it does have some in-depth descriptions of the ITR’s performance innovation and how it differed from Acura’s more common sport compact of the ’90 s: the Integra GSR.

I might study these images for ages. Not that I require to understand the range between the headlights on this, or any other car, however I think it’s so cool to see this much detail about a vehicle a lot of us matured worshiping.

The images consisted of in this post have actually been brightened so they’re simpler to see, however you can take a look at the original version and a lot more cool stuff in the Guide itself:

Shoutout to for protecting this on the Internet for all to value, and Sean for revealing it to me. If you’ve got links to other cool, diagram-heavy automotive documents more individuals require to see, my email’s at the bottom of this blog!

Photo: Acura

Hat tip to Sean!

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