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The very best thing in wrestling today is a humorous giant who looks like Ryan Gosling

Oh it’s interesting when a wrestler advances with an absurd gimmick. Fandango’s refusal to battle, the taunting tranquilo position, Damien Sandow’s turn as the Miz’s stunt double “Mizdow”:

And although ESPN insists on covering wrestling as a sport, this is the correct take:

My partner said “at a WWE occasion” and after that I needed to tell him that WWE fans are now all weirdo art kids because Actual Battle Fans moved to UFC however you understand who loves stage fighting, fun costumes, and melodrama? Art Children

— Kendra Mellifera (@K_Mellifera) November 3, 2019

My hubby, who is an enormous fumbling fan, describes wrestlers as theater kids who do crossfit

— Ingrid Meyers (@allinagrid) November 3, 2019

Right now, the finest trick in fumbling is Orange Cassidy, a man who primarily wrestles with his hands in his pockets, however still manages to reveal outstanding athleticism. Listen to the crowd’s interest for his antics:

At a current bar match, he and Priscilla Kelly impersonated another:

His look works for Halloween, too:

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