Saleema Thomas: Mom, coach, mayor

Saleema Thomas: Mom, coach, mayor


Narissa Fraser.

Municipal police officers place the chain of office on Saleema McCree Thomas after she was sworn in as mayor of Point Fortin last Wednesday. PHOTOS BY LINCOLN HOLDER -
Community law enforcement officers position the chain of office on Saleema McCree Thomas after she was sworn in as mayor of Point Fortin last Wednesday. PHOTOS BY LINCOLN HOLDER –

Mom, coach, mayor– all accurate descriptors of Saleema McCree Thomas. The brand-new Point Fortin mayor has actually had her reasonable share of life’s obstacles but continues to press through. She hopes her story can inspire other girls.

The 35- year-old was raised in Techier Village, Point Fortin and is the oldest of three children (two girls and one young boy). She described her childhood as “humbling starts” and informed WMN she definitely remembers the one-bedroom building she called house.

” You understand those brick homes from very long time? The ones you didn’t have to paint? Those homes that were constructed with red bricks and mortar– it wasn’t plastered. That was on Sixth Street in Techier.

” My dad was working Trinmar at the time as a casual worker and my mom was operating at Chatham Youth Camp. When things started improving economically– when my mom had my brother, we transferred to a two-bedroom house on Second Street.”

She likes her community. She stated there was a various level of unity there which helped form the female she is today.

” We were very family-oriented in Techier.

” I grew up in that period where your neighbour could have scolded you for things you did, then when you go home, your mom scolds you too.

She said whenever she goes to elderly members of the neighborhood, she thanks them for their contributions to her development.

However politics was not on her mind as a child. In truth, she had dreams of ending up being a midwife.

She attended Point Fortin RC Primary School, followed by Vessigny Secondary School where she focused mainly on company subjects.

After this, she wished to venture to London, England, to study midwifery. However at the time, her household could not manage it.

” I decided to look and see what choices were here in Trinidad.

She said she asked both her instant and extended household members for advice prior to she made a final decision.

” I went to my uncle– Ken McCree– and I stated, ‘I saw something that I think I’m interested in doing. And he stated, ‘Okay, let’s talk.’

Point Fortin Mayor Saleema McCree Thomas speaks about her prepare for the borough, consisting of agriculture and entrepreneurship programs. –

” He spoke with my mother and said, ‘We will spend for your education.’ My mother’s family had a contracting service.”

After two years, she graduated with a partner’s degree, with one year staying for earning her bachelor’s. However along came another hurdle.

” I could not have actually gone on to complete my last year since the company– at that time– truly could not have actually funded me anymore.

” Coming closer to the following academic year, I stated, ‘Mummy, I think I am ready to return to school and complete my degree,’ and she said, ‘How will we get it done?’ I simply opted for God.”

She ended up being emotional when remembering this chapter of her life to WMN. She said it was faith in God, determination and moral support from her family that kept her going.

” I went to Roytec in Port of Spain on Henry Street, and when I walked in, I went to find out about the registration procedure, how much it would cost and so on. I was registering with not even a cent– not understanding where I was going to get the money from. It is such a testimony.

With tears of delight in her eyes, she called her mom– who was at work– to notify her.

Asked how she felt on graduation day, she stated, “It felt incredible. In some cases I would go to class without money, sometimes with simply adequate to go on the bus to go up, then jump on the bus to come back down.

– Lincoln Holder

Often, she would return house as late as 9 pm after evening classes.

” My mother was that pillar of strength. She would stay up with me in the wee hours of the morning when I was studying. I would say, ‘Mummy, go to sleep,’ but she would state no. She would sit there– in some cases falling asleep on herself– till whatever hour.”

After finishing her degree, she went on to operate in a variety of fields from company administration and finance, to the energy sector and even contracting, until making aldermanship in the borough corporation in2016 She chose to pursue this full-time.

” Previous mayor Abdon Mason and I interacted at Alutrint Ltd and he in fact motivated me to get involved in politics, and I told myself that as a young person, I required to get included.”

She married Nickcolson Thomas in 2012 and now has three children: Her nine-year-old child Tyshawn, five-year-old daughter Sariah, and her 16- year-old stepdaughter Tishell.

She said her kids suggest the world to her, and her partner has actually been supporting her “from day one.” She included that it isn’t particularly difficult to balance being a mom with her task roles.

” My kids imply everything to me.

When she was nominated for and selected to be deputy mayor in 2019, she was surprised, “… not questioning my ability but it wasn’t a major thing I was pushing for since I understood I was still reasonably new. I had the assistance of extremely close buddies and household and they offered me the motivation to take that step.”

At her main swearing-in event at the district corporation’s city center in Mahaica on Wednesday, she had informed Newsday she felt “humbled and honoured” to be chosen.

She said, “It’s a historic moment for individuals of Point Fortin. It considers that motivation to young women that they too can desire one day end up being mayor, prime minister, president– whatever they desire be.”

She said working under previous mayor and now MP for the location Kennedy Richards Jr Richards was “terrific,” explaining him as a “fantastic leader.

” He is one that has a passion for Point Fortin. And working with him and seeing that desire and passion empowered me and influenced me to likewise have that drive. It’s not about us here at council however it is about individuals of Point Fortin.”

She included that she does not think she will experience additional pressure being a lady in a position of leadership.

” This is my 2nd term at council and the first term as deputy and I have not experienced any pressure with my peers or burgesses. It has always been extremely co-operative.”

She said she feels happy with the significant development and advancement she has witnessed in the district throughout her life.

She has actually seen the beginning of its Atlantic LNG plant, growth of business neighborhood, the production of youth support system and sporting groups, and the building and construction of the Clifton Hill Beach Resort. In addition, she has actually seen the creation of the Lake View Housing Advancement Complex, the beginning of the San Fernando to Point Fortin Highway, the building and refurbishment of numerous neighborhood centres, and most just recently– the opening of the brand-new healthcare facility.

She also said she is delighted to continue the “numerous jobs” that are currently underway.

” Like the Prime Minister as soon as stated, eat what you grow. We wish to see more cooking area gardens, more home gardens. This is a job that the council would have wanted to formerly embark on buy needed to

” We want to motivate our young individuals, yes, you could study to end up being a doctor, a legal representative or an engineer.

She likewise stated she “definitely” sees the possibility of Point Fortin ultimately becoming a city.

” I see us heading because instructions in so many ways. We have a young council with fantastic minds and they are so innovative.”

Thomas wishes to be a motivation to other young women. Asked what recommendations she has for them, she stated trusting in God is crucial.

” If it wasn’t for him, don’t believe any of this would have been possible. I state this with tears in my eyes due to the fact that it’s only God that might have brought me this far.

” Young women: You can become more than what you even believe.

Above all, she said the district of Point Fortin is doing– and will continue– to do well.

” It might not be the exact place we desire or have in mind yet but we are definitely going someplace.”

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