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Because sport is not just football, tennis and the NBA. This article is for anyone watching the snooker for hours in front of Eurosport. Just to remind you, the snooker is a variant of billiard with red balls that are each worth 1 point that must be returned alternately with balls of colors, worth 2 to 7 points, the black ball being the ball worth the most points. And this sport has for many years hosted a genius, a huge champion, surely the best in history in the person of Ronnie O’Sullivan. The Vestiaire du Sport makes you travel in this little-known sport and in the exceptional career of this good old Ronnie.

1975 : Ronald Antonio “Ronnie” O’Sullivan was born on December 5, 1975 in Wordsley, England. He spent his youth in North London. In fact the idea is that it rains H24, the guy can not do any outdoor sport. And by chance, there was a billiard table hanging around his house. And as, the Game Boy Color only came out a few years later, he played snooker all day long, very fast very very good.

1992 : In 1992, at just 16, Ronnie began his professional career. Early man. When you were struggling with test tubes in the laboratory, he would thread the balls like pearls, always dressed in a coffee boy’s jacket.

5 : We will not turn 36 years around the bush. Mister O’Sullivan, throughout his career still unfinished, won 5 world championship titles. 2001, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2013. Just that. The World Championship is an annual tournament which is the most prestigious of the year. It’s one-shot. All players are invited and it is the one who will be the best for a week. Not the right to the error. But 5 is also the number of UK Championships he won, considered one of the three most prestigious tournaments. No matter what the big date, Ronnie is always there, a great champion he is.

7 : Because The Vestiaire du Sport is perfectionist, we can not conclude the list of Mr. O’Sullivan without mentioning his 7 titles at the Masters, annual tournament gathering the best players in the world, like the London Masters at tennis. 7 titles including 2016 and 2017. 25 years he is pro the guy, but still competitive and motivated. But you’ll tell me, you do not have to be the sharpest guy on the planet to play pool. Even your grandfather could play for hours.

147: 147, this is the number of points of the highest break at the snooker. In fact, it is when you send all the balls of the table in one-shot, without the opponent does not enter a ball of the sleeve. In fact, it’s when you crush your cock on the forehead of your opponent. Literally. And in this area, it’s again Ronnie the boss. Breaks of 147, he stalled 13 in his career. World record. 13 sex poses on the table, a beer for Mister O. Of these 13 breaks maximum, it has the fastest 5 in history. Because what is stylish with Ronnie is that he goes fast when he plays. It does not put 5 minutes between each ball, like most players. Which gives you time to do 56 naps in one game. No, Ronnie, he has a pace to piss off the greatest marathoners. Here we put you the fastest 147 in history. We promise you, it’s not at all relooked. It’s even downright scary so it’s impressive.

2 : 2 as the two hands of the man. That’s it, hello. No, actually, the guy is ambidextrous. It is as efficient of the right hand as of the left hand. Little anecdote like that, just for the taste.

9.000.000  : it’s in pounds ( Sterling, brother, we’re not here to talk about literature ) all the money amassed by O’Sullivan in his career. Ok, Neymar he wins the quad in one year but hey it’s not bad for a guy who plays billiards. This is also a record in the discipline.

1998  : Because everything is not rosy in the career of this champion. He is not the smoothest guy on the planet. And so much the better. So much so that in 1998, after winning a tournament in Ireland, he lost his title after a positive marijuana test. Roh ok, a little grass before going to a pool, it’s not bad. You add some nice insults to other players or officials, and it makes us a great career with a good form. In any case, long life to you Ronnie. Enjoy your evening and long live the snooker. Protection Status
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