Research sparks calls for tougher enforcement on social networks companies

March 6, 2019, Cardiff University

Credit: CC0 Public Domain.

Research into making use of Russian-linked social media accounts following the 2017 UK terrorist attacks has actually resulted in calls for higher regulation of technology companies.

In their report on Disinformation and “ fake news,” the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee explained how work by the Crime and Security Research Institute was amongst “strong proof” which, “comprehensive methods in which the Kremlin tried to affect attitudes in UK politics.”

Following the inquiry, MPs have called for more powerful enforcement on technology and social media business They likewise discovered that present electoral law is ‘not fit for function’ which Facebook “intentionally and knowingly violated both information privacy and anti-competition laws.”

Professor Martin Innes, Director of the Criminal Offense and Security Institute, based at Cardiff University, said: “This is a crucial and timely report. Our research study into the usage of social media platforms, that the Committee has drawn upon in formulating their recommendations, shows that immediate action needs to be required to prevent malign stars from using social networks platforms to spread damaging and misleading content in the consequences of horror attacks.”

The CSRI’s ground-breaking report entitled, “Russian influence and disturbance procedures following the 2017 UK terrorist attacks‘ showed the level of impact and interference by Russian-linked social networks accounts was substantially more comprehensive than had actually been reported formerly.

After evaluating 30 million information points throughout a range of social media platforms, researchers determined a minimum of 47 different accounts that strived to control the general public argument that followed each terrorist occurrence.

Professor Innes added: “The evidence we collected recommended a systematic tactical political communications project being directed at the UK created to amplify the general public damages of terrorist attacks.”.

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