On The Doorstep: 5 fighters who might make UFC or Bellator with October wins

On The Doorstep: 5 fighters who might make UFC or Bellator with October wins

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For those who make it to Mixed Martial Arts’s greatest phase, the journey starts long prior to they strap on UFC or Bellator gloves.

This month, five fighters on the verge of achieving major-promotion prestige return to the cage for what might be their stepping-stone fights. There are dozens of fighters inches away from making the jump in the coming weeks, however these 5 are particularly exemplary.

This month:

  • Two LFA 93 headliners will attempt to thwart each other’s winning streaks en path to a prospective significant advertising ticket-punching success.
  • One of Texas’ leading potential customers seeks to break through perennial “on the bubble” status by making a CFFC title.
  • A Dana White’s Competitor Series alumnus intends to continue his career return with a win in his home region.
  • A Mexican-born Canadian citizen will combat in the middle of her 2 represented nations when she makes her LFA launching.

Image by means of Cage Fury Combating Championship (CFFC)

Record: 5-0
Age: 29
Weight class: Middleweight
Height: 6′ 0 ″
New Jersey
Next Battle:
Oct. 16 vs. Aaron Jeffrey (8-2) at LFA 93 in Wichita, Kan. ( UFC Fight Pass)

Background: Since he was 4 years of ages, Andre Petroski has wrestled. After stops at Springfield High School, the University of North Carolina, and Bloomsburg University, Petroski finished out his collegiate career at Kutztown University. In his senior year of college, nationals remained in March with a May graduation. Throughout the two-month gap, Petroski felt the requirement to find a new venture with fresh goals to pursue. Jiu-jitsu was Petroski’s opportunity to filling deep space. After graduation, he stuck around to continue training till he went broke. A long-lasting martial artist in the making, Petroski figured his skills would equate into the cage, and he slowly equated into a fighter.

The Skinny: Although he has actually already built well-rounded MMA abilities, Petroski is establishing. If he beats a person like Aaron Jeffrey, who has smoothly beaten practically everybody thrown in front of him, look for the UFC to come calling.

In his own words: “I’m 5-0 with five finished in the first two rounds. I’m not going to say I should have the spotlight, however I’m going to say I are worthy of a big battle (like this one).

” … The proof is in the pudding. Undoubtedly, everybody that follows MMA pretty closely understands the wrestling background is important. It’s really crucial. If you match that up with coach (Marc) Montoya, who is one of the best striking coaches in the nation? If you put the 2 and 2 together, then include that I’m training at altitude, right? Now you’ve got the gas tank and the striking. It’s a dish for catastrophe for anybody.”

” … Everybody states (the UFC will be calling). I have actually never been to the UFC.

Record: 8-2
Age: 27
Weight class: Middleweight
Height: 6′ 2 ″
London, Ontario, Canada
Next Fight:
Oct. 16 vs. Andre Petroski (5-0) at LFA 93 in Wichita, Kan. ( UFC Fight Pass)

Background: Aaron Jeffrey is one of Canada’s top pound-for-pound fighters. Battle fans who do not follow the local scene closely may recognize Jeffery from Season 3 of Dana White’s Competitor Series.

The Skinny: Jeffery’s striking is crisp and technical. He’s light on his feet, especially for a middleweight, and has the ability to use his movement to pressure his opponent. However beyond his physical qualities, Jeffery is a very confident rival. Instead of ending up being contented upon dominating the Canadian local scene, he’s often traveled south of his border to take on new challenges in the U.S. A win over Petroski is just what he needs to go directly to the UFC.

In his own words: “( Opponent withdrawals) have actually been very frustrating. I had 3 canceled fights in two occasions. For all of those battles, I believe I found out around the specific same timeframe.

” … The last one appeared like it was maybe going to be enough.

” … It’s ill that we’re on UFC Battle Pass in the main event. That’s a huge slot. I assume there’s going to be a great deal of eyes on this (as I battle) an undefeated challenger. It’s a big one. I’m extremely stoked.”

Image via Cage Fury Battling Championship (CFFC)

Record: 9-1
Age: 30
Weight class: Lightweight
Height: 5’10”
Birth place:
New Jersey
Next Fight:
Oct. 29 vs. Christian Leonard at CFFC 86 in Philadelphia ( UFC Battle Pass)

Background: Joe Lowry began his wrestling profession at 5 years old– a passion he still has today. After a brief pause in his wrestling career, Lowry got kickboxing in middle school. Upon entry into high school, Lowry signed up with the fumbling team. With his coach being a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Lowry accompanied to among his coach’s weigh-ins. Around the time of his graduation, Lowry became tired with the day-to-day grind of weightlifting. He began training Mixed Martial Arts as a substitute, which became an amateur, then professional, career. In 2018, Lowry was included on Dana White’s Competitor Series and was knocked out by future UFC fighter Devonte Smith in Round 1. Quickly afterwards, Lowry was in a bad head-on vehicle accident that hurt his ankle and threatened his career. Lowry stood firm and returned to action for CFFC earlier this year with a 129- 2nd TKO win.

The Skinny: Whether it’s inside the cage or beyond it, Lowry has actually been tested. Fighting through difficulty, Lowry has actually shown his decision and focus to quite possibly be his most exceptional characteristic. A union worker who still puts in 8 hours per day before training, Lowry’s work principles is supreme. His fumbling and striking are both excellent, offering a hard difficulty to any fighter who steps in the cage with him. Sure, he lost to Smith on Dana White’s Contender Series. That’s by no implies a bad loss. It was the first of his profession and an experience that will likely make him much better in the long run. While Lowry is definitely good enough to be in the UFC, it may not be a bad concept for him to get a couple more battles in as he still is trying to rebuild strength and mobility in his ankle.

In his own words: “I’ve been completing my whole life. I didn’t have the most convenient life in the world. When people ask me, ‘The length of time have you been defending?’ I always tell them, ‘I’ve been battling my entire life, however I’ve been battling MMA for the past 15 years.’ It’s absolutely nothing new to go out there and train and battle. I can put in the hard work.

” … What makes me various from everybody else is my heart and the method I train and my coaches. My coaches are improving as much as I’m improving each time I fight.

” … My mindset right now isn’t focused on the UFC. I’m not trying to think like that. … I’m not attempting to disappoint myself and get myself all hyped up waiting on a call. If I don’t get a telephone call, I do not want to be all bummed out about it. I’m simply considering this battle now which’s where my mind is. I’m training for the now. Whatever follows follows.”

Record: 13 -4
Age: 25
Weight class: Bantamweight
Height: 5′ 8 ″
Birth place:
Venus, Texas
Next Fight:
Oct. 29 vs. James Gonzalez (6-3) at CFFC 86 in Philadelphia ( UFC Battle Pass)

Background: It was a natural development that Levi Mowles would go down the MMA course considering the battles he engaged in with his younger sibling while growing up. Training out of Fitness Battle Factory, Levi Mowles has completed against some of Texas’ leading competition since his pro debut in2014

The Skinny: If you’ve watched an LFA or other high-level regional occasion in Texas, there’s a good possibility you’ve seen Mowles battle. Mowles is amazing and a danger no matter where the battle ends up. In current years, he’s removed any doubt about his consistency, winning seven-of-eight fights entering his CFFC title fight.

In his own words: “My management and coaches have been on an objective to get me to the UFC this year. … I have actually been on the UFC’s list for a while now. It’s been all on me. I seem like particularly after making the weight, it will be easy for me to stay really low. They ‘d be type of insane not to provide me a call a few weeks afterward.”

” … Something I have actually constantly strived to offer my pals, household, and fans enjoying my battles is not just a win. Winning is cool. However I desire a fun battle to watch. I don’t feel like in any of my battles, even my losses, I was ever not competitive. (My fight) was never ever not something that people were going, ‘Ooh, ahh.’ I feel like that’s type of where I separate myself from the rest of the pack in terms of people on my level. I’m interesting. I’m the man people want to tune in for and watch. You never understand what’s going to take place.”

” … Looking at my record, a couple of those fights were too close to call.

Image via Iridium Sports Agency

Record: 4-0
Age: 27
Weight class: Strawweight
Height: 5′ 2 ″
Aguascalientes, Mexico
Next Battle:
Oct. 30 vs. TBA at LFA 94 in Wichita, Kan. ( UFC Battle Pass)

Background: From a young age, Lupita Godinez wanted to be a fighter. Two years after she began training, Godinez took her very first amateur fight, and the rest is history.

The Skinny: For much of her life, Godinez has actually shown to be a difficult worker. From moving throughout multiple countries to work and go to school to taking many short-notice battles with the hopes of advancing her career, Godinez’s determination has been her driving element. If she wins her next fight, don’t be shocked if a major promo comes knocking.

In his own words: “I’m actually starving and I’m always working. All of the fights I’ve had as a professional, I have actually taken them on two weeks’ notice. My first professional battle was in Denver on two weeks’ notification.
Now, I’m primarily focusing on this fight, and whatever occurs, after I will deal with it. Yes, I do desire to combat there.

Here are some fighters worth watching who didn’t crack the list, yet are on the brink of something huge:

  • Askar Askar(11 -1)– Oct. 2, beat Kevin Wirth (8-2) via unanimous decision at LFA 92 in Park City, Kan. (UFC Fight Pass)
  • Adli Edwards(7-1)– Oct. 3, defeated Jake Willyard (1-6) by means of TKO (ground-and-pound) in Round 1 at Ultimate Battle Grounds 4 in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
  • David Onama(6-0)– Oct. 9, beat Justin Overton (8-5) by means of submission in Round 3 at FAC 4 in Independence, Mo. (UFC Fight Pass)
  • Jack Della Maddalena(9-2)– Oct. 10, beat Aldin Bates (6-3) by means of knockout (punch) at Everlasting MMA 53 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. (UFC Battle Pass)
  • Mitch Raposo(4-0)– Oct. 14 vs. Matt Almy (4-3) at CES 61 in Warwick, R.I. (UFC Battle Pass)
  • John Gotti III(5-0)– Oct. 14 vs. Nick Street (6-3) at CES 61 in Warwick, R.I. (UFC Fight Pass)
  • Elijah Johns(6-1)– Oct. 16 vs. Luke Faultersack (6-3) at LFA 93 in Wichita, Kan. (UFC Battle Pass)
  • Josh Fremd(5-1)– Oct. 16 vs. Antonio Jones (7-3) at LFA 93 in Wichita, Kan. (UFC Fight Pass)
  • Brogan Anderson(13 -3)– Oct. 17 vs. Cole Davids (9-3) in Dunedin, New Zealand.
  • Yasmin Castanho(4-0)– Oct. 23 vs. Bruna Vargas (4-3) at Taura MMA 10 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Jared Revel(10 -2)– Oct. 23 vs. Sergio Moraes (14 -6 -1) at Taura MMA 10 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Gian Sarturi(8-2)– Oct. 23 vs. Isaac Moura (10 -4) at Taura MMA 10 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Felipe Gheno(9-1)– Oct. 23 vs. Bruno Mesquita (11 -3 -1) at Taura MMA 10 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Bruno Mesquita(11 -3 -1)– Oct. 23 vs. Felipe Gheno at Taura MMA 10 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • James Gonzalez(6-3)– Oct. 29 vs. Levi Mowles (13 -4) at CFFC 86 in Philadelphia. (UFC Battle Pass)
  • Santo Curatolo(5-0)– Oct. 30 vs. Alberto Trujillo (4-1) at CFFC 87 in Philadelphia. (UFC Fight Pass)
  • Dustin Joynson(5-0)– Oct. 30 vs. Carl Seumanutafa (12-11) at CFFC 87 in Philadelphia. (UFC Battle Pass)
  • Brett Martin(9-0)– Oct. 30 vs. Antonio Silva (19-12) at Taura MMA 11 in Kissimmee, Fla.

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