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Microsoft’s Cortana is sleeping with the fishes

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Lots of people are fine with allowing a practical wiretap into their lives. When I heard that Cortana was being sent out to pasture by Microsoft, I was quite excited.

From Gizmodo:

That’s according to a support short article Microsoft posted to a number of local markets this week, though a spokesperson later clarified to Gizmodo that just users in the following locations can anticipate to say goodbye to the voice assistant: Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Mexico, China, Spain, Canada, and India. In spite of dropping the app in these regions, Cortana itself remains “an important part” of the company’s service model to incorporate “conversational computing and productivity” into its items according to the representative, so Microsoft doesn’t seem closing the coffin on it completely.

According to Gizmodo, at least in The United States and Canada, we’ll need to bear with the company’s post-Clippy assistant on our smartphones up until January 31, 2020.

Cortana’s death has been a long time coming. In 2015, Microsoft’s CEO confessed that the company’s virtual assistant might keep up with the likes of Alexa or Siri.

Score one for those people who don’t desire our gadgets listening in on us. I can only hope that Halo’s Master Chief will be able to rapidly deal with the loss of his long-term companion and proceed with his life.

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