Humiliation, whistles, and resignation: the 12 worst minutes in the history of the Lakers

LeBron James and company were booed by their audience at the Staples Center after closing the first quarter with an extremely unfavorable score of 17-42.

LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers are unable to maintain a regular performance so far this season of the NBA after staging a new loss to the Toronto Raptors in their Staples Center. The humiliation suffered in the first quarter of the game was such that his audience did not forgive him.

The Spanish-Congolese Serge Ibaka broke his record of scoring (34 points) and completed one of his most brilliant performances with 10 rebounds and a 15/17 series in the shot so that the Raptors, without Kawhi Leonard, abused the team’s home by Luke Walton for 107-121.

The Canadians drew blood with an overwhelming start that no one could imagine at the Staples Center. They were placed with an advantage of 31 points (10-41) minutes before reaching the end of the first quarter, with an Ibaka print, author of 20 points in an immaculate series of 8/8 in the shot.

The Lakers, on the other hand, seemed like a crude copy of themselves. In fact, never in the history of the franchise, the team finished 25 points below (17-42) after the first 12 minutes.

No speed, no defense, no effort, and no competitive spirit, the team continued sunk (21-50) even without the Raptors on the court. Only the return of “King” James breathed some energy into his own to close the gap, momentarily, to 20 points (36-56).

However, the “Showtime” led by Ibaka returned in style, with stratospheric mates included, to return the 31 lead (38-69) and cause some boos in the pavilion.

And although there were more efforts from James (56-74, 79-96), the Los Angeles blunder from the perimeter (0/8 until well into the third quarter) weighed as much as the slab of Ibaka or the absolute domain of the game by Lowry.

Luke Walton seemed to miss the game and left James on the bench in the final period. The former Cleveland Cavaliers added 18 points and 6 assists in 28 minutes and saw how his team was overwhelmed by visitors.