How to create a Scandi look with canvas prints

Discover Scandi Look with Canvas Prints

Perhaps the biggest buzzword of the last few years and now a staple in the interior world, Scandi decor is certainly here to stay. A perfect balance of function, nature, and practicality, Scandi interiors are known for working hard, giving a room multiple uses and suiting families both large and small. Not only this, but they are known for giving spaces a new lease of life and its inhabitants a renewed outlook on how interiors can be used. Thx to Parrot Print Canvas today we can explore Scandi designs.

Create a sense of openness and light

Creating light and bright spaces are key to counteracting the dark winter months and long-drawn nights that are common to Scandinavian countries and British winters.

To enhance the sense of warmth and daylight, add canvas prints to your space that are subtle, warm in color and mirror natural daylight. By opting for canvas prints with backgrounds that match your wall color, you will further increase the feeling of openness and space. A white canvas with a soft cream, golden or neutral colored design will add depth and interest to your room, whilst keeping it airy and fresh. To keep this look Scandi, make sure to stick to one color scheme and avoid over-complicating your prints with fussy patterns or colors.

scandi canvas prints

Create an urban escape

Not everyone is blessed with lots of green space and garden views. It’s important to remember that Scandi style can be applied to every home, including those with balconies or concrete patios or that are in the midst of a bustling city.

To create a Scandi look in a city-center apartment or house, it’s important to create a sense of the outdoors and replicate the tranquillity and satisfaction that comes with an open space. This can be simply achieved by hanging an oversized canvas of a serene woodland escape or countryside view above a sofa or in an eye-catching place.

Consider adding canvas prints of calming locations in areas of your home that tend to cause you more stress. For example, by the front door where you take your shoes on and off, or in the bathroom where you get ready for the day. By doing this, you will be able to give yourself a moment of calm, even when you’re facing a hectic schedule.

Embrace organic tones and textures

A huge part of Scandi interiors is its emphasis on colors, textures, and shapes that reflect the outdoors. Canvas prints are a brilliant way of incorporating natural textures and colors and can be effortlessly added to any room in your home.

Even though a close-up image of wood grain or a serene image of water will look artistic, sophisticated and Scandi, you should not feel limited to such literal representations of your surroundings.

Embracing nature’s tones and textures can include abstract interpretations of the outdoors, where color or a certain pattern may become your focus. For example, hanging a playful illustration in a sky blue color or in the tone of your favorite flower will work well in a Scandi interior, or perhaps it will be a black and white sketch of leaves instead.

Add your own personality

A common misconception about Scandi interiors is that they should be all white and minimal. In fact, Scandinavian interiors should be reflective of you and your tastes, and they should showcase your personality. For this reason, it’s important that you remember not to feel pressured to purchase a design that you think you should have, rather than one that you want. Instead, opt for the design that you genuinely enjoy.

A simple way to add character to a Scandi interior is by introducing artwork. If your walls are painted in white, neutral or subtle colors, an oversized canvas that represents you is the perfect focal point to be added to a living room or hallway.

The key to keeping a personal and colorful, or bold, a piece of artwork relevant in a Scandi space is that it should be unfussy and truly representative of you. If you already have artwork in your room, consider a smaller canvas instead, that can act as part of a gallery wall, or a large canvas print that matches the rest. By only using artwork that is reflective of you or your family’s personality, it will also blend seamlessly into your space and reflect other accessories and furnishings that you have.


The Scandi style seems to have particularly resonated with the UK audience, with a focus on embracing the outdoors, natural light and accommodating everyone, both young and old. However, as Scandi interiors are often associated with stripped back and minimal decorations, knowing how to accessorize a room can be a daunting task. One simple way of adding extra depth and interest to a room is by introducing a canvas print. Read on and find out how you can enhance your Scandi look with a canvas print.