9 pool tricks to win your friends


Billiards is not a game with much boom in some other countries, especially when compared to the United States, but playing with friends or family at home or in a bar is always fun. However, has not it happened to you that sometimes you do not want to play because others know more than you and do not want to seem clumsy and lose? Well here you can find a few basic pool tricks that will make you improve :

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  • First of all, make sure that both the table and the balls are clean. For the table, it will be necessary to use a brush, while for the balls, a wet cloth will suffice, although sometimes it is necessary to give them a little wax.
  • When choosing taco, look at the cap (the tip). It should not be too flat or too bulky. And when you’re going to chalk it, do not make circular movements, but horizontal, as if scraping the cap. This way you will be able to distribute the chalk evenly.
  • When executing the blow, keep in mind that the trajectory of the white ball will be influenced by the point of the ball in which you hit it, by the direction in which you have the cue and by the force of the blow.
  • To get a good body posture, position yourself so that the right foot (if you are right-handed) is aligned with the white ball and the target ball. Turn the body and foot 45 or to the right. Place the left leg forward and the right leg back to balance. Both the legs and the left arm should be fully extended. Now hit the ball with a little push of the right shoulder. The important thing is to be comfortable and allow a good balance.
  • There are different ways of placing the hand. To make the classic or ring bridge, place the base of the hand and the middle, ring and pinky fingers to support yourself, and with the index finger and thumb form a ring with which to control the cue. To make the bridge open or without a ring, it is the same but without forming the ring and it is more recommendable for soft and without effect rolls.
  • The cue must be parallel to the table to hit, moving the arm from the elbow and not from the shoulder. The tendency for beginners is to point with the cue down and hit from the shoulder, which causes the ball to jump.
    When hitting the ball, it is usual to stop the cue dry. But this is not correct, the cue must follow its path about 15cm. plus.
  • An uncomfortable situation is when the white ball stays stuck to the band of the table, preventing hit it well. In these cases, try to place the cue as horizontally as possible and hit without giving effect.
  • To finish, the best trick of all is to practice, practice and practice.

The best pool tricks to surprise

Playing pool can be difficult, especially if we are learning, but if what you want is to perform amazing pool tricks, what you will see here overcomes the difficult term to position itself as practically impossible to perform. I’m included in the group of those who can not play, but I hope you like it as much as I do watch this video about Steve Markle, an artist in billiard tricks :

Surely, now you are thinking: Buah! I can never do such good tricks. The question is to try it, repeat it and practice it until you reach your goals. For that reason, and so that you do not get discouraged.

start practicing and that someday you too become great artists of this game. Do you know more billiard tricks?

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Getting Money as a Minimalist

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While the aggressive pursuit of money can lead to stress, burdens, and discontent, money can and does assist humans with their sustenance. Aim yourself with a good minimalist wallet and start saving. This chapter gives tips on how to make money without the need for a restrictive schedule or permanent residence. While many of these jobs require an internet connection, you might not even need to own an internet-connected device; many public libraries offer free access to Internet-connected computers.


72 different countries have access to Craigslist and its region-based forum listings. Craigslist lets user’s post available jobs and gigs that they need to hire for. Potential hires can browse these postings and apply for the ones that interest them. If you reside in an area that has internet access, then you stand to earn money working on Craigslist posters.


If you spend time in various countries, chances are good that you have the ability to speak more than one language proficiently. If this is the case, consider doing translation work. The people who provide these jobs seek out individuals who can translate text from one language to another. People who know languages from two different continents, like English and Japanese, are especially sought after. Because they tend to pay by the word, many of these jobs let workers set their own schedule and turn in completed projects over the internet.


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Ghostwriting is another great job for frequent travelers. Ghostwriting also pays by the word, so ghostwriters can choose their own hours, pick up whatever amount of work they please, and work from nearly anywhere that has an internet connection and a keyboard. In addition, ghostwriters of non-fiction publications report the added benefit of learning a great amount about the subjects that they research for their work.

Virtual Assistance

This broadly defined job involves a variety of tasks involving helping clients through virtual platforms like Skype and email. Furthermore, you may be asked to assist with menial virtual tasks like updating web pages and entering data. If you have a fair amount of familiarity with virtual platforms, consider working in virtual assistance. Most often, virtual assistants can work from anywhere that they have an internet connected device. As of 2016, internet access is available in 178 different countries.


Transcribing involves typing out word-for-word all of the words spoken in video or audio files. In other words, transcribers convert spoken word to text. Many of these jobs allow workers to work from home and submit their completed projects online. In addition, they allow transcribers the freedom to choose a schedule that works for them as they pay either by the word or by the task.

Affiliate Marketing

This job provides its performers with great levels of freedom and autonomy but does not guarantee income. Affiliate marketing involves getting other people to sign up for programs or purchase products using your affiliate link. For example, say you run a wildly popular blog. You then write and post a blog post that details all of the benefits of air fryers. Then, somewhere in that post, you paste your affiliate link into a couple different models of air fryers on Amazon. Whenever one of your readers clicks one of your affiliate links and purchases the product through that link, you get a portion of the sale price. Benefits of affiliate marketing include the ability to choose hours worked, flexible work location, zero start-up costs, no bosses, and theoretically unlimited profits.


Generating profits from blogging requires a great deal of effort. However, with enough dedication, blogging can turn into a lucrative endeavor that lets you choose your own hours and subject matter. If your blog gets enough momentum, it can turn into a greatly successful source of passive income. Bloggers make money through advertisements, affiliate links, and membership fees.

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Advertisements placed on blogs can turn a profit for the blogger. Three types of advertisements for this platform exist CPM, CPC, and private. CPM advertisements pay bloggers a fixed amount of money for every one thousand readers who get shown the advertisement. On the other hand, readers must interact with CPC advertisements in order for the blogger to get paid. CPC advertisements pay a predetermined amount of money every time a reader clicks on one. In addition, you have the option of selling space to private advertisers. Private advertisers will pay you for the privilege of posting their advertisement on your blog. You get paid the same regardless of how many readers click or view it. However, you must be able to prove that your blog gets lots of traffic in order to appeal to these private advertisers.

Finally, membership fees can make you money as a blogger. This is totally optional, but you can charge readers a monthly fee that they pay in exchange for access to exclusive content not available to anyone who does not pay.

Waste Picking

Did you know that countless individuals and organizations discard materials that fetch a price on the market? For example, many modernized nations have recycling programs in place that offer a small amount of money in exchange for an aluminum can, plastic bottle, or glass bottle. Scrap metals sell for considerable sums of cash as well. Consider waste picking as a source of income. If you collect a big bag full of recyclable materials, you might be able to trade them in for a decent handful of money, depending on your location.

Waste picking provides a benefit to the communities in which it is practiced. Waste pickers remove litter from the environment, cut down consumption levels by sending materials to be recycled, and free up space in landfills. In return, waste pickers enjoy their choice of working hours.

In the year 1988, it was estimated that at least one percent of the world’s population made their living by waste picking.

Video Content

Video content websites and platforms like YouTube enable users to make a living creating content. For this method, you will need a video camera as you can only make money off of original videos that you create and upload. Money is made when you link your Google AdSense account to your YouTube account. Google places advertisements at the start of and in the middle of content creator’s videos. When viewers click on or interact with those advertisements, the video’s uploader gets paid. Successful YouTubers report earning between fifty cents and two dollars for every thousand views that their content gets. Consider documenting and uploading your minimalist travel experiences.

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The Rocket Hits Hamm


This very successful event took place on 29-30 November in Hamm, Germany, organized by Dragonstars Event Management.

In the quarter finals, Barry Hawkins beat Ryan Day 5-4 and Mark Williams beat Neil Robertson 5-1. The two met in the semi-final with Barry beating Mark.

Image result for Ronnie O'Sullivan wins the Premier League

In the meantime, Ronnie O’Sullivan played an exhibition match against Shaun Murphy which he won 3-2.

All players also took part in a speed snooker competition in which Neil Robertson triumphed, beating Shaun Murphy in the final.

In the final, Ronnie beat Barry Hawkins 6-2 to take the €10,000 prize.

The event was a sell-out with 1,800 fans enjoying both days’ play. After the event, they also had the opportunity to meet the stars, with autograph signing going on well into the early hours.

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Having flown in straight from Prague, Ronnie was delighted to be carrying on playing to large, appreciative audiences in Europe. He said, “It’s been a great week for me and I look forward to coming back in the near future to give more entertainment to European snooker fans”.

The event and Ronnie, in particular, received some excellent coverage out in Germany – even if some of the facts read out by the TV companies weren’t very accurate. ARD/WDR have since claimed that Ronnie admitted to them that he was drunk before the press conference. Of course, this was not true; Ronnie had just completed his match against Marco Fu. No such conversation took place between Ronnie and the TV companies.

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Ronnie wins the Premier League

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RONNIE O’SULLIVAN hailed his PartyPoker.com Premier League Snooker victory as a fantastic achievement.

O’Sullivan has now won the tournament for five consecutive seasons and eight in total after a 7-2 victory over Mark Selby in the final at the Potters Leisure Resort in Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk.

“I’m coming to the end of my career as I’m 33 now so I want to make the most of it when I can,” said O’Sullivan, who collects Ł75,000 from the competition.

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“To beat someone of Mark’s caliber and quality is fantastic for me. He’s coming after me so I just want to keep him at bay for as long as I can.

“It’s just good to win as in a lot of games I feel that I have to win.

“I was happy with my form and was scoring among the balls and as it’s the final, that’s when you want to produce your best snooker.

“This season I haven’t played too great but it’s nice to get it right when it matters.

“The Premier League is such a great tournament and the (25-second) shot clock can get you to do some strange things.

“At the start of the season I put this down as one of the events I wanted to do well as you have great crowds, it’s fantastic.”

O’Sullivan, who has now won the Premier League eight times, dominated the first five frames as breaks of 93, 62, 83 and 62 helped him to a 5-0 lead.

However, the sixth, which lasted 40 minutes, went Selby’s way as he stole the frame by two points when O’Sullivan had looked in the great position.

Selby hoped that could be a turning point but O’Sullivan raced to a 105 break in the next and was now one from victory.

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An 84 from Selby brought him within four frames and opened up the prospect of a memorable fightback but that dream died as O’Sullivan’s break of 74 saw him clinch the title.

“I’m obviously disappointed not to win the tournament but only a couple of months ago I was playing in the qualifier at Crandon Park to get here,” added Selby.

“To get to play someone like Ronnie in the final is a dream come true. If someone had offered me the chance of getting to the final and playing Ronnie I would’ve bitten their hand off.

“But knowing how I played against Stephen on Saturday I’m a little bit disappointed with how I played.

“Ronnie is a class act and when playing him you need to take your chances and I didn’t do that.”

Final: Ronnie O’Sullivan 7-2 Mark Selby

121-11 (O’Sullivan 93), 82-8 (O’Sullivan 62), 74-18 (O’Sullivan 31, 39), 83-14 (O’Sullivan 83), 83-48 (O’Sullivan 62), 58-60, 105-13 (O’Sullivan 105), 0-84 (Selby 84), 74-20 (O’Sullivan 74)

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN is the 2008 PartyPoker.com Premier League Snooker Champion.

O’Sullivan lifted the trophy after a 7-2 victory over Mark Selby in the final at the Potters Leisure Resort in Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk.

It means O’Sullivan becomes the first player to win the prestigious event, which was broadcast live on Sky Sports, five times in a row.

Selby had been in sensational form to thrash Stephen Hendry 5-0 in his semi-final on Saturday, while O’Sullivan had clinched his place in the final with a nerve-jangling 5-4 victory over Joe Perry.

O’Sullivan was bidding for his fifth title in a row and was given an early opportunity in the first after a loose shot by Selby.

But, after scoring 28, O’Sullivan missed a red into the center pocket to give Selby another chance. However, he then failed to pot a red, although he was hampered by having to cue over the pack of reds and use the rest.

That gave O’Sullivan the opportunity he needed and a break of 93 made it 1-0. He doubled his lead soon afterward after Selby, who had hardly made a mistake on Saturday in the semi-final, again could not sink his attempted red while using the rest.

Once again that proved costly as O’Sullivan fired a break of 62. Selby came back to the table needing a snooker but failed to get it and the frame was soon over.

O’Sullivan, the winner of the Premier League in each of the seasons where a shot clock has been employed, took another step closer to continuing that run by winning the third frame.

He made a break of 31 before he lost position on a loose safety but a terrible contact for Selby led to his targetted red not going into the pocket and O’Sullivan’s subsequent break of 39 made it 3-0.

His domination of the early stages of the match continued in the next frame as Selby had only scored 14 before O’Sullivan again showed his class with a run of 84 as the scoreboard now showed 4-0.

Selby looked like winning his first frame of the match in the fifth as he accumulated a 48-point lead. However, his attempt to slow roll a long red into the top corner failed and that gave O’Sullivan another chance, which he took with a break of 62 to now lead 5-0.

The sixth frame was the longest of the weekend by far and one of the longest of the tournament as it lasted more than 40 minutes.

Both players produced some exceptional safety play before they made several errors in what was looking like a critical frame.

Selby, leading by two points, fouled when he hit the black instead of a red but O’Sullivan later made a bizarre mistake when he potted the yellow but instead of playing for position on the green, played again for the yellow.

This lack of concentration proved costly as he now had to play safe instead of finishing off the frame. O’Sullivan still had one further chance but a missed cross double on the pink let in Selby to steal a tense frame by two points.

Selby hoped that might prove to be a turning point but it was not the case as he made an unforced error earlier in the seventh before O’Sullivan raced to a 105 break and was now one from victory.

Just when Selby needed something special, he produced it in the eighth with a break of 84, his best of the contest so far to pull a frame back and make it 6-2 to O’Sullivan.

But a break of 74 gave O’Sullivan the victory and his eighth Premier League Snooker title.

Semi-final: Ronnie O’Sullivan 5-4 Joe Perry

68-55 (O’Sullivan 32, Perry 40), 0-93 (Perry 85), 93-20 (O’Sullivan 79), 8-76 (Perry 72), 93-24 (O’Sullivan 31, 62), 0-95 (Perry 95), 69-6 (O’Sullivan 52), 4-100 (Perry 100), 104-4 (O’Sullivan 104)

RONNIE O’Sullivan will meet Mark Selby in the final of the 2008 PartyPoker.com Premier League Snooker.

O’Sullivan stayed on course for his fifth consecutive title with a nerve-jangling 5-4 victory over Joe Perry in the second semi-final.

“I’m pleased with the win and to be in the final but there were so many mistakes the match could’ve gone either way,” said O’Sullivan.

“Joe deserved to win as he won more frames in one visit than I did but maybe my experience told.

“I always think I have a chance as long as I’m still in the game but I made it difficult for myself and Joe played well under pressure.

“But I like playing deciding frames, it’s an adrenaline rush but I should be like that from the off and taking more of my chances instead of having to find some inspirational stuff at the end.”

The second semi-final at the Potters Leisure Resort in Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk, was between defending champion O’Sullivan and tournament newcomer Perry.

In the league phase, Perry finished second and recorded a 4-2 win over O’Sullivan, who came third.

O’Sullivan had dominated the Premier League for the last few seasons, winning in each of the last four events and was hoping for more success.

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He clinched a scrappy opening frame by 13 points to move into an early lead in this best of nine matches. But a break of 85 from Perry leveled the scores before O’Sullivan took advantage of a poor Perry miss on a red for a run of 79 in the third and a 2-1 lead.

There was a lengthy safety battle at the start of the fourth before Perry had an opportunity and he took it thanks to a break of 72 to bring the scores back level at 2-2.

Both players made errors in the fifth as both players missed reds into center pockets that they would usually pocket before Perry had some bad luck with a bad kick. However, he then missed a later red and that proved costly as O’Sullivan hit 62 to regain the lead.

It again did not last long as Perry, for the third time in the match, leveled the scores thanks to an effort of 95. But O’Sullivan claimed the seventh frame to move only one away from the final.

A missed red had looked like proving costly from O’Sullivan but Perry could only manage six before the Rocket was back at the table. This time he took advantage with a break of 52 for 4-3.

The match then went down to the wire as Perry responded in perfect fashion with a century break. One frame would decide who advances to the final and who would be out.

The decisive moment came in the early stages of the last frame. O’Sullivan’s break was short and left Perry a chance on a long red but he missed it and left O’Sullivan in a great position.

He produced a magnificent 104 break under pressure to advance to the final again.

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Battle Of The Kings 


Ronnie took part in this exhibition match in Prague with Neil Robertson on Friday 28 November 2008. It was the first time Ronnie had played in the Czech Republic.

The event itself was an enormous success, with a sell out crowd of nearly 2000 people to watch the current World Champion play against the current Bahrain Champion.

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Ronnie soon warmed the crowd up with a century break and Neil responded with a 147, the first maximum he has ever made in front of such a big crowd.

The 10 frames were very closely fought but Neil is the form player at the moment and edged it 6-4.

Both Neil and Ronnie enjoyed the tournament immensely.

Neil said: “The people are excellent and I have enjoyed my time here.

Related image

“I’m pleased that one of us made a 147 and hopefully we can play more snooker in Prague in the future.”

Ronnie added: “The arena is great and it’s been a long time since I played in front of such a large crowd.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen people clapping every shot from start to finish.

“The European audiences are very appreciative of snooker and I hear all the time that it is continuing to grow in popularity here.”

After the end, the players spent time with VIPs and fans signing autographs and chatting.

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