Apple’s Entirely Wireless PowerBeats Pro Headphones Have Leaked

Apple may have simply taken the credit card to the next level, but the Cupertino corporation is also reported to be dealing with a pair of really cordless Beats Dubbed the PowerBeats Pro, the new innovation would handle the tech brand’s own AirPods in a battle of wireless earphones, and is rumored to launch next month

9to5Mac discovered that “Hidden in iOS 12.2 are animations and images that display PowerBeats without any sort of connecting wire.” The PowerBeats appearance to be a sport-equipped offering, and is hypothesized to release with adjustable ear pointers and over-ear clips for multiple fits, trumping its AirPod equivalent.

The PowerBeats are likewise seen to be available in a case, just like the AirPods, and as an outcome, we can presume they are fully cordless and are charged by this travel case. Other reports drifting around the highly-anticipated earphones include a new H1 wireless chip to function in them, which Apple revealed in its most current AirPods. The new H1 chip will offer the earphones more battery life, better connection and “Hey, Siri” abilities.

Have a look at the exposed renders yourself– they appear almost ended up so we can hope that Apple won’t keep us waiting excessive longer for a main expose.

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