8 Marijuana Leaders Discuss Emerging Trends In The Industry Moving Forward: 2020

8 Marijuana Leaders Discuss Emerging Trends In The Industry Moving Forward: 2020

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Outdoor grown at Aster Farms

Aster Farms

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Eight Cannabis Leaders Discuss Emerging Trends in the Market

I have the great honor of trying out lots of products and going to many dispensaries and growing websites, and can find emerging trends, however wished to see what some of the leaders in the market are believing, as well. I asked market consultant Andrew DeAngelo, Peak Extracts’ Katie Stem, WAFBA’s Morris Beegle, Aster Farms’ Sam Ludwig, and Weed Grub’s Mike Glazer & Mary Jane Gibson, AlpinStash’s Danny Murr-Sloat, and performer Laganja Estranja to share their insights with me.

Here’s what they needed to state …

Warren Bobrow=WB: What patterns do you see emerging in cannabis?

Morris: It’s going to be a wild year for the marijuana market, all markets for that matter with the global coronavirus pandemic, however I see benefits for the hemp and CBD industries. I think due to the fact that of the present circumstance that more emphasis will be put on health and wellness, eating excellent foods, and taking dietary supplements. If you don’t wish to get sick, consume well and take care of yourself. I see hemp superfoods and supplements that consist of CBD, CBG, full and broad spectrum extracts will discover their method into increasingly more peoples diets over the coming months and years.

Sam Ludwig: We see a motion towards sustainable brand names. As the industry grows and the customer base broadens, the typical user will be more critical, caring about who, where and how the cannabis products they spend their cash on are produced. Organic, clean and natural. That is what people want.

We are currently seeing an increased demand for sustainable cannabis. Aster Farms is vertically integrated, growing our own cannabis, so we can offer outright transparency to our customers and control quality from seed to sale.

Mike & Mary Jane: Less stress names like “Green Fracture” and more like “String Theory Makes A Great Deal Of Sense So It’s Most likely We’re All In A Simulation.” Martha Stewart will open a chain of dispensaries called “It’s A Good Thing.” The marijuana market will continue to be strangled by taxes and policies, and by the federal government’s failure to legislate it. On the flip side, there will continue to be great individuals at companies like Root & Rebound and Last Prisoners Task working hard every day to alter things for people impacted by the racist War on Drugs. Our recommendations is to grow your own weed– and listen to our podcast! We assure it’s funny, despite the fact that this is serious.

Katie: There will be more traditional CBD companies, and debt consolidation of the industry to consist of more vertically incorporated multi-state operators that can hold up against market volatility. Little cannabis business, such as ours, have actually shown resistant in times of crisis since of our small pool of workers, making layoffs unneeded as we weather the storm of a worldwide pandemic.

Laganga: I think the biggest trend we saw come out of the marijuana industry last year was the development of LGBTQAI Pride Month products. My partnership last year with Fruit Pieces not just broadened the brand name’s taste profiles, however it also was used year around.

Danny: A rising pattern that we are seeing is an increased need for craft/connoisseur products. As marijuana, in addition to the understanding of what craft cannabis suggests, ends up being more available, we’ve seen a growing class of informed consumers. As soon as prohibition ends in a provided state, there tends to be a rush to acquire any type of item. As soon as this novelty diminishes, people desire a product that tastes good, looks good, and something that’s produced with ethical and thoughtful practices by a business they can think in. Integrate this with the development of companies whose sole focus is a quality craft item, you have a dish for success in this sector of the marketplace. This is remarkable, because craft companies are almost always small businesses, and in a market progressively controlled by corporations, any area which favors the mom and pop organisations is excellent.

Andrew: Shipment, drive through, curbside pick-up transactions– federal governments ought to support and motivate this behavior. Legalization efforts will be stalled in the brief term by coronavirus, however may get momentum in the medium term as tax profits plummet– it’s tough to object to a cannabis dispensary in your area when there’s no cash to money the school within it.

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