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British professional snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan is the current World Champion, having won for the third time in May 2008, and is also ranked No 1 in the official world rankings.

Ronnie is currently competing on the world’s premier snooker tour, the 2008-2009 Main Tour, as well as non-Main Tour Events and exhibitions.

On this site you can read up on Ronnie’s latest results, tournament schedule, and talk to Ronnie’s other fans around the world on the forum.

World Championship, Sheffield, UK

18.04.2009 – 04.05.2009

China Open, Beijing, China

30.03.2009 – 05.04.2009


Ronnie has beaten Joe Perry 6-5 in the first round of the 2009 Masters. His next opponent will be Ali Carter or Peter Ebdon on Friday 16 January.

Ronnie lost in the second round of the UK Championship to Joe Perry. Read more about his matches here.

Ronnie has appeared on BBC1’s Inside Sport programme. You can see some photos from the interview on this page.

Ronnie is pleased to appoint Eastern Sports as an official agent for China read more

Ronnie has won Premier League Snooker title for the fifth year in a row, and for the eighth time in total. You can read all about the semi-final and final here.

Titles Achieved


The Masters – Wembley, UK

11.01.2009 – 18.01.2009

Welsh Open, Newport, UK

16.02.2009 – 22.02.2009

The Masters – Wembley, UK

11.01.2009 – 18.01.2009

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